List of Parts Available Through Bosserman Aviation Equipment
Manufacturer Products
AEROQUIP Hydraulic hose fittings
ALLEGHENY COUPLING Weld pipe elbows, strainers and valves
AMERICAN  REELING Hose and grounding reels
ARMSTRONG Air eliminators
BOSSERMAN AVIATION EQUIP. Nozzle holders, slop tanks, and miscellaneous fabrication
BENDIX Air compressors, dryers and valves
BESTWELD Weld pipe elbows
BETTS Lights, manhole covers and valves
BIMBA Air cylinders
BROOKS Meters and control valves
BURGESS Switches
BUYERS Switches
CARTER Nozzles, control valves, hoses, hydrant couplers and 
CASCADE Hydraulic lift masts
CHELSEA PTO'S, hydraulic valves and pumps
CIVACON Kamvalock adapters and dust caps
CLA-VAL Control valves, nozzles and hydrant couplers
COLE HERSEE Switches, electrical products
CONTREC Displays and liquid level systems
COTTA Transfer cases and parts
DAYCO Hose products
DEMCO Valves
EMCO WHEATON Nozzles, swivels, probes and kits
ENGINE & ACCESSORY Rampstar parts
FACET INTERNATIONAL Product filter vessels and replacement elements
FJORD Protective caps, handles and polyurethane products
FLOWTECH Valves and actuators
FRANZEN HILL Stage II vapor recovery products
FULL FLO Pressure relief valves
GAMMON TECH PRODUCTS Testing equipment, fuel sampling
GAST Air compressors and vacuum pumps
GEMS Flow sensors and level switches
GOODYEAR Fueling hoses
GORMAN RUPP Pumps, parts, fueling and defueling valves
GORTRACK Hose and wire carrying enclosures
GREER Surge suppressors and accumulators
HALE Product pumps, parts
HAMMONDS Additive injectors
HANNAY REELS Hose reels, grounding reels and accessories
HENDRICKSON Heavy duty suspension parts
HOFFMAN Electrical boxes
HONEYWELL Solenoids, switches
LABEL MASTER Decals, safety posters and manuals
LIQUID CONTROLS Meters, strainers, air elimination and parts
MIDLAND-GRAU Air brakes, valves, dryers and compressors
MORRISON By-pass and check valves
NEW PIG Haz-Mat and spill containment products
NORDIC Hose grounding reels
NORRIS Butterfly- disc valves
OMRON Switches
OPW Nozzles, swivels and fittings
PARKER Air valves, stainless steel fittings, sensing and deadman hose
PETER PAUL Solenoid valves
PRECO Signal lights and back-up alarms
ROCHESTER Tank contents and level gauges
ROCKWELL Front / Rear axle parts
SCHULTZ Differential pressure gauges, fuel sampling ports and nozzle gauge guards
SCULLY Electronic safety devices and overfill protection
SMITH Meters and valves
SPAN Gauges
STEWART WARNER Instrumentation gauges and senders
THERMOID Flightmaster refueling hoses
TURK Relays
VELCON FILTERS Filter vessels and replacement elements
VICTAULIC Couplings, gaskets and valves
WHITTAKER / THIEM Nozzles, control valves, seal kits and hydrant couplers
WIKA Gauges
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